In the Name of Tai - 2012


The film is a female orientated story inspired by a true story of a dedicated well educated village woman ( lawyer), respectfully known as Tai ( Tai means elder sister ) who chooses a valiant but a perilous avenue. She unfortunately suffers sexually ( not rape ! ) as well as psychologically in her personal life, yet altruistically battles for a common cause of protecting acres of land owned by the village farmers and deprived poverty stricken village community from the clutches of the corridor of Power, Builders, (The land sharks) and of course not forgetting the voracious politicians.This story is inspired by a real story that of an ordinary woman who struggle for 20 years against the powerful lobby of land mafia.

Cast & Crew

Ujjwal Thengdi
Ujjwal Thengdi
Ujjwal Thengdi

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