Ishq Vishk - 2003


Rajeev (Shahid) and Payal (Amrita Rao) are friends since childhood. They both attend the same college. All the students at college refer to Payal as ?Bahenji?. This is because she is a good girl who studies for her exams and doesn?t date anyone. Also, looking at the rest of the semi-clad girls in the college, it might also be because her clothes cover 70 percent of her body (unlike the other girls who wear clothes that cover only 25 percent of each of their bodies). Bahenji is in love with Rajeev. But Rajeev doesn?t want to be in a relationship with Bahenji. Why do that and lose credibility points with his bunch of friends?

These are the same friends who rib him about the possibility that Bahenji might sleep with him. The sexually repressed Rajeev then sets about declaring his love for her hoping that in return, she will jump into bed with him. The thrilled Bahenji is ecstatic with happiness. ?He loves me! He loves me! He really loves me!? So, Rajeev and his strange bunch of friends have a party in the middle of nowhere where they hope to get a bit of action from their girlfriends. Bahenji is oblivious to the real motive for the party and she goes along like an overexcited dork from Mars. Tears of laughter soon turn to tears of sadness when Rajeev tries to rape Bahenji. This causes a tamasha right in front of Rajeev?s friends. Their reaction is very confusing at this point. They were the ones who were encouraging Rajeev to sleep with Bahenji and when he tries to do just that, they look down on him. Talk about lack of character continuity! They stand there and start acting as if they are guardians of morality. This truly is a bunch of morons.

These same morons act completely different in the second half of this so-called film. All of a sudden, they start acquiring a conscience. No longer is Payal ?Bahenji?. Rajeev is the enemy number one. They try to make him understand that Payal is his true love. They also try to excuse Rajeev?s behaviour as being caused by the influence of alcohol. Excuse me but since when was he drunk? He seemed perfectly sober when he was trying to rape Payal. Payal forgives Rajeev anyway and even says, ?I?m sorry? to him in front of everyone. God knows what planet she lives on.

Out of Plasticville, comes a new girl called Alisha (Shenaz Treasurywalla). Unlike Payal, her clothes cover only 20 percent of her body. Obviously, this gets all the hearts going dhak-dhak in the college. ?Ooh, look at me, I am Marilyn Monroe!? She squeaks while fluttering her eyes and pouting her huge operated-on lips. She quickly hooks up with Rajeev and Payal goes running home crying like a baby. ?Waaaah! Nobody loves me! Waaaah!? Alisha becomes suspicious when it seems like Rajeev is paying too much attention to Payal. When she finds out that both of them were previously an item, she is furious. Alisha screams at Payal: ?Tum kya samajhti ho? Andhi hoon? Dekh nahin sakti? (You think that I am blind? I can?t see anything?)? With those extra-long eyelashes, I am surprised that Alisha can actually see anything. She flutters her mile-long eyelashes far too much for her own good. Maybe she secretly wears contact lenses that irritate her eyes. I bet the director edited out a few frames from this scene where Alisha reaches out her hand to feel Payal?s face and says: ?This IS Payal that I am talking to, isn?t it??. So, Rajeev is torn between two girls and must decide who he is in love with. Payal, Alisha or himself.

Cast & Crew

Ken Ghosh
Kumar S. Taurani & Ramesh S. Taurani
Anu Malik

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