Jahan Jaaeyega Hamen Paaeyega - 2007


Karan (Govinda) loves Anju (Sakshi Sivananda), but when she gets murdered, Karan becomes the main accused and lands up in prison. Innocent, he breaks out of jail to find out the truth.

He meets two young boys, Tito and Toni (Vinay Anand and Krishna Abhishek), who realize that Karan is a convict-on-the-run and there?s a huge prize on his head. Karan offers to help them get the money, but wants them to help him trace Anju?s murderers first. With their help, Karan gets to learn that a group of people was involved in Anju?s murder. He starts eliminating the persons one by one till one day, he spots a girl looking exactly like Anju, walking down the street. After much persuasion, she tells him that he was framed for her murder in order to get him out of the way of a group of evil people, which was plotting to take over the property of a rich man.

Once Karan learns the truth, he eliminates the remaining villains and frees Anju from their clutches, with Tito and Toni?s help.

Cast & Crew

Janmendra Ahuja
Dr. Lakhan Sinha
Aadesh Shrivastav
Janmendra Ahuja, Nusrat Badr, Dev Kohli

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