Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni - 1989


The movie revolves around the fact that you reap what you sow. Gangaram Verma has worked for the local municipality for several years, and is known in the community for being honest. Many contractor?s have attempted to bribe him but never succeeded.

During a felicitation ceremony for GangaRam, he rejects a garland of 1Lac rupees from one of the contractor?s Prem Kumar. So Prem kumar decides to teach Gangaram a lesson. He hires Gangaram?s only son, Vijay (who worships Lakshmi and hates being poor), in his office, and subsequently gets him married to his only daughter, Sapna.

In course of time, they have a son Ravi. They then scheme to get Gangaram to trust them by showing Ravi, and upon doing so, they get him to sign his property to them As Ravi gets more attached to grandparents and also because Vijay and Sapna have got the property they make Gangaram and his wife, Laxmi, homeless.

They then lie to Ravi that his grandparents are dead. Years go by, then one day Ravi comes across a coolie who resembles his grandfather. He follows him home, and gets to hear the truth from his lips, and decides to treat his mom and dad the same way they treated his grandparents, with shocking result

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