Jeet Lengey Jahaan - 2012


Jeet Lenge Jahaan is a story of three friends-Ajay, Jhappi Singh and Nidaan who are all unhappy with their lives. Ajay has come from Australia after leaving his job because his mother wants him to join politics. In Delhi, Ajay meets his friend Jhappi Singh who is the sub-inspector in Delhi Police. They decide to go to a hill station where they meet their third friend Nidaan, who, since the time of college wanted to become a spiritual guru.

But now that Nidaan is a spiritual guru, he is not happy as he thinks that even in the world of spirituality, people think only about themselves. Nidaan loves a foreigner named Gloria.

During a fashion show, Ajay meets Saloni whom he loved since college. Saloni is a fashion designer. One night, when all the friends are returning back from a party, they find that a boy is stealing Ajay?s laptop. When confronted, the boy seems to be completely intoxicated and he says that in college, the students are being made addicted to drugs and are being involved in criminal activities. He also says that a girl is the reason behind all this.

One night, after Ajay drops Saloni to her hostel, a mishap takes place with her. And the culprit is the son of a very powerful personality of the society.

Do Ajay, Jhappi and Nidaan?s efforts help in getting Saloni justice? Do they win against corruption? Do they win the world?

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