Jigyaasa - 2006


Jigyaasa.. story of an innocent girl who wants to make it big in bollywood at any given cost.

Jigyaasa Mathur (hrishita Bhatt) comes from a middle class family. she is a daughter of a school teacher Malini Mathur(Varsa Usgaonkar( with values and principles)

When Jigyaasa discovers that giving her body is the only way to become actress. than against her values and teachings she goes ahead and takes the step and starts belining that talent is nothing and everything can be earned by giving body.

The journey of a girl based on some actual witnessed event and her career from nowhere to super stardom.sadism,domination,glamour,drugs,betrayel,back bitching,dirty-gossips,film politics,naked moblie clippings,under world finance,molestation,homosexuality all rolled into one!

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