Kaho Na Kaho - 2014


Hallmark?s Kaho Na Kaho is the story of a girl who becomes a top actress because she is promoted by a mafia don. However, she falls in love with another man.

Roshni is only about 15 years old when she comes from Chandigarh to Bombay. She meets a mafia don, Sikandar, who takes a liking to her. He takes her into his house, looks after her and helps her in getting a break in films when she is old enough. Roshni soon becomes a top heroine and leaves Sikandar?s house to set up her own home. While Sikandar has fallen in love with Roshni, she thinks of him differently, more like her mentor and God.

One day, Roshni meets Raja in his shop of greeting cards. They slowly fall in love and go out on dates. Sikandar is totally unaware of Raja?s presence in Roshni?s life. Roshni comes to Raja?s house on her birthday and they spend time getting close to each other. Meanwhile, Sikandar who has made arrangements for her birthday celebrations keeps calling Roshni but she does not answer the calls as her cell phone is on mute. Finally, when Roshni checks her cell phone, she calls Sikandar and tells him that she would join him soon.

Will Sikandar realize his love for Roshni is one-sided? Will Raja and Roshi make up and live happily ever after or will Sikandar prove to be a thorn in their budding romance?

Cast & Crew

Sanjay Niranjan
Sanjay Niranjan
Sanjay Niranjan

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