Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai - 2000


Rohit (Hritik Roshan) is working in as a salesperson in an automobile showroom owned by rich entrepreneur Mr. Malik. He is an aspiring singer who lives with his aged aunt and uncle and his younger brother Amit. One day he meets rich Sonia Saxena (Amisha Patel) when he goes to deliver a car to her home as her birthday present. They see each other later that night when Sonia and her friends are having a party on the beach. After Rohit sings for her, she invites him on a cruise to perform. There Sonia finds herself getting jealous over Rohit's popularity with her female friends. Sonia goes to sulk and drink in a lifeboat and Rohit follows. After they pass out on the life boat it detaches from the ship. When they awake they find themselves floating adrift in the ocean.

After landing on a nearby island many distractions cause them to forget about the boat and it drifts away. When they realize they are stuck, at first they argue. When Sonia jumps into the ocean and pretends to drown, Rohit jumps in after to save her. However, it is Rohit who needs saving, since he can't swim. When she asks why he jumped in after her, he confesses his love for her. After enjoying time together on the island, they are saved by Mr. Saxena (Anupam Kher). He is bitterly opposed to their relationship. He asks Rohit's boss, Malik (Dalip Tahil) to fire him. However, later he softens up a bit and challenges Rohit to do something big so that he can win back his love. Determined to prove himself, Rohit and his friends attempt to procure a record deal for him. Rohit eventually becomes famous, and prepares to put on a huge concert.

On the evening of the show, Rohit goes to pick-up his younger brother Amit from school to take him up to show. He witnesses two corrupt policemen shooting down their senior officer who has found out about their drug dealings. He also sees that the two policeman actually work for Malik, for whom he was working few days back. The policemen discover Rohit's presence and shoot at him. Rohit is chased by the policemen and falls into a river when his bike slips on a bridge. Sonia arrives on the scene and frantically shouts that Rohit doesn't know how to swim. A search party is sent down, but they don't find Rohit's body.

Sonia goes into depression so her father sends her to New Zealand to her cousin Neeta (Tanaaz Currim) to get over Rohit. When she reaches there she meets Raj Chopra (also Hrithik Roshan) in a club. He looks exactly like Rohit and is also a good singer. It turns out that Raj is a good friend of Sonia's cousin, and they end up meeting often. Raj soon falls in love with her, but she doesn't return his love because he reminds her too much of Rohit. When Raj doesn't understand, Sonia shows him pictures, and he is amazed at the likeness. Sonia goes back to India and Raj follows. On landing, however, he is shot at by one of Rohit's killers. Initially, Raj can't understand why he was attacked, but he later becomes suspicious that whoever attacked him has mistaken him for Rohit. He and Sonia manage to save themselves and hide in Rohit's old hideout. Here Sonia and Raj bond.

Soon after, Raj and Sonia figure out Rohit was murdered. They also find out that Rohit's brother Amit is also a witness of Rohit's murder. They go to meet Rohit's family and an old friend, who scolds "Rohit" for acting as if he were dead, and many emotional moments follow as they are told the truth. When Amit meets Raj, he is convinced that Rohit has come back to him. Raj does not have the heart to tell him the truth, and adopts Amit as his own brother. Together, Sonia, Raj, and their friends make a plan to find Rohit's killers. They reschedule the concert which Rohit was to perform the night he was murdered, with Raj replacing Rohit. The plan backfires and the murderers kidnap Sonia, but Raj rescues her. Then and there, he figures out who Rohit's killers are and it turns out that the mastermind behind the drug conspiracy and Rohit's murder is Sonia's father, Mr. Saxena. Sonia is heartbroken by this betrayal, but finally admits her love for Raj. In the end, Mr. Saxena is held by police and Raj and Sonia get engaged.

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Rakesh Roshan
Rakesh Roshan
Rakesh Roshan
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