Kalakaar - 1983


Radha Khanna comes from wealthy family and lives in a palatial house with her widowed father, Rohit. She has a friend in Sheela, who also lives in a palatial house, surrounded by some shanty dwellings. One day when Radha goes to Sheela, they witness a young man named Ravikumar singing a song with his guitar. Radha is very impressed with this talented young man, and talks about him with her dad. Rohit invites Ravikumar to sing at the inauguration of a temple - and this is Ravikumar?s first step toward stardom and fame.

Ravikumar and Radha fall in love with each other and hope to marry soon. Ravikumar continues to shine with his singing, and is felicitated. He attributes his success all to himself, much to Radha?s disappointment. This is the start of misunderstandings between the young couple, and as a result they stop seeing each other. After sometime, Ravikumar comes to know that Radha is going to be married to a doctor... (IMDB)

Cast & Crew

P Sambasiva Rao
P Anand Rao
Kalyanji Veerji, Anandji, Bappi Lahiri
Indeevar, Manoj Kumar

Kalakaar Movie - Songs

Neele Neele Ambar Par

Deep Jalaye

Khoye Khoye Rahe Teri

Mera Pyar Mujh Se Rootha

Gori Teri Jawani Pe

Suraj Mukhi Mukhda Tera – Kalaakaar

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