Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Mein Aaya - 2004


This romantic tragedy from the stable of Inspired Movies Ltd. follows the life of an orphaned Indian girl with a serious heart condition, who comes to the UK for a last ditch attempt at treatment. She stays with an Indian family that has been based in the UK for three generations. Unaware of her condition, the family's youngest son falls in love with her. Knowing that her life could be cut short at any time, the girl tries desperately not to fall in love and to keep the boy at arm's length. As the film unfolds, the girl's presence in the family has a profound effect on the family's attitudes and beliefs, leading to a re-discovery of the strength of their own culture and a re-assessment of the role of love in all our lives. This romantic weepie will have audiences across India passing the tissues even as its underlying message of hope and renewal lifts their spirits.

Living in U.K for almost two decades the Khanna family has adapted to the western lifestyle whereas, things like family values and Indian traditions is alive only in the hearts of Kuldeep Khanna (Kader Khan) and his mother. Kuldeep is a proud father of two sons Harry and Sunny (Rakesh Bapat), daughter Dolly and a grandfather to Sweety the youngest member of the family.

To synthesize this disharmony enters pretty Mahek (Richa Pallod) who drops in the Khanna household to live with them until her Uncle Dr. Verma (Anupam Kher) returns from America. Young Mahek's efforts to bring the family members together start going astray as the Khanna's consider this as a disruption in their day to day life.

Both model-turned-actors are still waiting for the gates of stardom to open. Sameer's lyrics finds utterance through Nikhil-Vinay's melodies and the film is directed by Rajesh Bhatt.

Cast & Crew

Rajesh Bhatt
Vibha Ragani

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