Kaya Taran - 2005


March 2002, New Delhi...
Preet is a timid young journalist working as a reporter for a national daily. He is assigned to do a story on conversions and this takes him on a journey to Meerut. At Meerut he visits a convent for aged nuns spending their last days in retreat and prayer. There he meets Sr. Agatha, a Malayalee nun settled in Meerut, who manages the convent. Sr. Agatha takes a liking to Preet and narrates an incident that took place in the convent way back in 1984.

October 1984, Meerut...
The 28 year old Sr. Agatha efficiently manages the functioning of the convent where a few other elderly nuns spend their last days. She is assisted in her work by Sr. Martha, an energetic and outspoken nun who goes about her daily duties enthusiastically. Sr. Karuna is of Spanish orgin and plays the piano well. Sr. Catherine is on a wheel-chair and has given up on living. Sr. Margeurita loves music and art and she's constantly engaged with her rich inner world. Nearly blind, Sr. Mary is the oldest of the inmates. Sr. Wilfred is a chronic asthmatic. Sr. Davies is a victim of Alzheimer's and is the presence at the convent.The nuns are joined by Sr. Angelica and Sr. Cecily from Orissa. Sr. Angelica is a reluctant inmate lost in her collection of memorablia. Sr. Cecily is a young nun responsible for taking care of Sr. Angelica.

The daily routine of the convent is disrupted by the news of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination. The after-shocks are felt in Meerut as well when anti-Sikh riots break out in the town. One night a young Sikh woman, Amarjeet Kaur, along with her 8-year old son Jaggi, seek refuge in the convent. Amarjeet and Jaggi are being pursued by her husband's and older son's murderers led by Ramji who is intent on taking over their property.

Amarjeet and Jaggi are given temporarily refuge in the convent. The nuns accept them into their fold. Jaggi gradually settles in and becomes part of the convent life. The nuns suddenly find something to look forward to in their staid daily routine. In spite of constant threats from the pursuers the nuns refuse to give in and plot Amarjeet's and Jaggi's escape.

Cast & Crew

Sashi Kumar
Sashi Kumar
Isaac Thomas

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