Khanna & Iyer - 2007


Mr Ramanna Iyer, a local MLA in navi Mumbai, has reported to the police that his young daughter miss Nandini Iyer has been eloped by Mr. Aryan Khanna, son of a multimillionaire real estate builder. So Mr. P.K. Khanna has reportd to other police station that their son Aryan has been eloped by Nandini...?

Aryan and Nandini being in love for four years during college time are on the run leaving their homes for good coz they know that their parents will never agree to their marriage Mr. Iyer has announced the engagement of Nandini with a south Indian boy from New York. While Media and police is hounding is chasing them all around, they as determined move into a jungle without realizing that they are are carrying an extra CD with top secret which exposes the nexus between a top Politician Rana singh and a terrorist group led by Donga, a psychic killer who is hiding in same jungle called ?lal dora?. And both the parties are in a frantis search of this CD.

Here the parents of Aryan and Nandini meet and make a false plan to bring their children back home by following them in ?lal dora? and later they will separate them by engaging Nandini to south Indian boy immediately. During the journey in the thick jungle, families of Khanna and Iyer have no option but help each other like friends under compulsions where as the lovers Nandini Aryan start realizing that they might be making a big mistake by getting married without the consent and blessings of their parents. They start thinking thru Mind than the heart which brought them here. And in the climax they give a big surprise to their parents in the most dangerous situation created by Donga...' To be or Knot to be. See this pleasant surprise in this feel good romantic thriller of two youth with brilliant performances of each and every character in 'KHANNA & IYER'.

Cast & Crew

Hemant Hegde
Kajal Malhotra
Tabun Sutradhar
Rajesh Johari, Sunil Jha

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