Koi Mil Gaya - 2003


The story of "Koi ... Mil Gaya" goes something like this: when a scientist makes first contact with aliens through a sequence of sounds sent into space (yes, just like in "Close Encounters"), he is ridiculed by the scientific establishment and dies in a subsequent accident. His son is born mentally disabled, much to the pain of his quietly suffering mother (played with gravitas by Rekha). Hindi heartthrob Hrithik Roshan plays the part of the stunted Rohit to the hilt, limping and stumbling and mumbling on his scooter (not BMX bike) with his gang of little rascal friends. Sponsored Links

In the course of the next 180 or so minutes, Rohit discovers his father's computer, falls in love with sweet Nisha (Preity Zinta), and challenges the bully Raj (Rajat Bedi) to a game of hoops. He also meets a friendly blue alien that goes by the name of Jadu. Jadu, who has magic powers and glows when he's excited, was left behind when his crew of botanist space travelers abandoned him. Sound familiar? Let's just say, if my name was Stephen Spielberg, I might consider a lawsuit.

Cast & Crew

Rakesh Roshan
Rakesh Roshan
Rajesh Roshan
Ibrahim Ashq, Dev Kohli, Nasir Faraaz

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Koi Mil Gaya

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