Krishan Avtaar - 1993


Police Inspector Krishan Kumar lives a middle class life with his lovely wife, Suman. Suman gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl but tragically passes away, leaving Krishan widowed, heart-broken and devastated. Krishan also encounters a tumor, which is presently inoperable, and may eventually lead to his death. Then a large number of the city?s children go missing, and Krishan, together with Inspector Avtaar are assigned to investigate this matter.

They are also asked to investigate the murder of fellow police inspector Vishnu Sawant. Krishan?s investigation leads him to corruption in his very own department; the involvement of a prominent minister in the government; and the daughter of Inspector Sawant himself. Faced with failing health and vision, Krishan must make his move quickly before he becomes totally disabled from doing any more police work. (IMDB)

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