Kurukshetra - 2000


Kurukshetra, the name gives away the story big time. It brings back images of politician-criminal nexus that marked the triumph of Vaastav.

Except this time around, Manjrekar presents Dutt on the right side of the law, fighting the war of good against evil.

Dutt is the brave ACP Prithiviraj Singh, perfect for lawless Mumbai. His name makes crooked criminals shake and corrupt politicians quake.

Prithiviraj begins his stint as ACP by ending the illegal activities of the dreaded don, Iqbal Pasina (Mukesh Rishi) .Rather than hate him for the act, Iqbal becomes friends with the honest cop. D?j? vu?? Remember the Pran-Amitabh equation in Zanjeer.??

Contrast this with the picture at the residence of Prithviraj?s, where wife Anjali (Mahima Chaudhary) is very upset most of the time because Sanjay Dutt has no time for home.

Cant really tell if Mahima is really peeved because she gets due footage to prance around in hot pants.

Prithivi?s real battle begins when the son of a powerful chief minister and his friend rape a girl.

In trying to fight for justice Prithvi finds him self caught in a maze of politicians, underworld dons and political deceit. Corruptions in his own ranks saddens him no end.

His only weapons and strength are honesty and courage.

Manjrekar has not really made anything new. Thematically the film is nothing special.

Stories of honest cops fighting for justice after a girl is raped have been a story repeated umpteen number of times.

So what is in this Manjrekar film that we can say has been special and different? For one, taking no chances he maintains the raw fibre of Vaastav. A experiment worked before. It If it did well them it will do again!

On the flip side, however, it means the ghost of his superior first film looms large on his third. But there?s something about Manjrekar that does well. He has used Sanjay?s screen presence as one of his main tools to leave an impact.

All the way, the show in Kurukshetra is stolen by Sanjay Dutt, in all respects. And if the wind favors him, Manjrekar?s new film will go a long way with it.

But one thing can be finally determined from the film, .M for Manjrekar and M for mar-dhar!!

Cast & Crew

Mahesh Manjreker
Pravin Shah(Time Films International)
Himesh Reshammiya
Sudhakar Sharma

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