Lady Dabangg Aaj Bbhi - 2011


It is the story of a family wanting a male child and doing away with to-be female children. Police officer Ranjana and NGO activist Suman are sisters who are brought up by mother Parvati.

Parvati was thrown out by her husband for giving birth to twin daughters. Pooja, who is Ranjana and Suman's friend, gets married to Manish, who is the son of her father's (Tej Sapru) best friend Malhotra. Malhotra has immense faith in a sadhu. When Pooja is pregnant, Malhotra informs the sadhu, who tells him that if Pooja delivers a son, his family would prosper but if she begets a daughter, his family would be ruined.

Malhotra forces Pooja to go in for a sonography and learns that she is carrying a girl child. When Manish is away from home, Malhotra secretly makes arrangement for Pooja, without her knowledge, to be put through an abortion. However, Pooja learns of his plans and informs Ranjana and Suman. The two sisters tell her to go along with the plan and promise to take care of the rest. When the doctor is about to perform an abortion on Pooja, Ranjana arrests him. Since Malhotra confesses that he had hatched the abortion plan because of the sadhu, Ranjana arrests the sadhu too.

Cast & Crew

Piyush Chakravarty
Vandan Rane Jogi

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