Lahore - 2010


A Selection - New Delhi Selection of the National Indian kick boxing team is to be done. There is a buzz in the air, final stage of qualification is in process, frenzy activities taking place amongst the players, administrators, bureaucratic and all high profiles involved with the game in varied manners.

Amidst all this, there is

A Minister...who wants his favorite participant to be selected.

A Coach....who wants merit to be the order of the day.

An Aspirant...who dreams to qualify purely on the basis of his merit. His true aspirations are at a challenge with the behind the back politics going on.

Another Aspirant...Overconfident, well connected and aims high to represent India, but not on merit, connections instead.

As the mix of emotions, aspirations and palpitations reach to a vortex; a bilateral kick boxing tournament with Pakistan is announced.

The aspirations are intensified, so are the activities and comes the day that leads to the destiny being sought in the ring.

A Neutral Venue - Kuala Lumpur

Two opponents.... Dheerandra Singh from India, an upcoming national champion. A man who has overcome all obstacles to reach where he deserves to be. A man made of steel, with kicks of steel. Only one drawback, his belief in the true spirit of the game.


Noor Mohammad, an ace performer from Pakistan. A man of physique, a man of belligerence, and personification of dominance. A tender heart but buried deep under the pride of the whole nation. A man groomed on the notion of victory at whatever cost. A man pushed to follow the same notion.

An Unwanted Event

The spirit of sports defied...
A nation cried foul...
The sports fraternity stood numb...
The rest of the world posed as a mute spectator...

Final Follow up - Lahore

Another ring

Again Two Opponents... One from Pakistan, an upcoming World Champion. A man again in the ring to save his emblem, again carrying the pride of the whole nation. Author of the unwanted event, in the process of writing another one.

Another one from India, set to settle some old scores, with an aspiration to quench the thirst of revenge for a long forgotten wrong doing and restore the lost pride and satisfy the nation...and a billion

The Sole Situation. . . An epic rivalry. . . No surrender... Battle for honor...

Cast & Crew

Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan
Vivek Khatkar, J.S. Rana
M M Kreem
Junaid Wasi

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