Lajja - 2001


The movie is about four women who have been mistreated badly by different types of men. The story starts of in the U.S.A with Vaidehi (Manisha Koirala) married to Raghu (Jackie Shroff), who is very affluent and influential man. The police in both US and India have a strong dislike for him and fear him. He is also a man who does not mind cheating on his wife and getting into affairs with other women. Vaidehi finds out about one of these women (Ritu Shivpuri), and like any normal wife objects to the whole thing.

Raghu, who has never had anyone tell him what to do, reacts visciously. After this, Raghu meets with an unfortunate accident that leaves him unable to have children. He realizes that he needs a child and seeks to get Vaidehi back as she is pregnant. Still, he really isn?t interested in her, only her child. Raghu sends two cronies after her. While on the run she runs into Raju (Anil Kapoor) at a wedding, he is a petty thief and saves her from the cronies. The girl who is getting married is Maithili (Mahima Chaudhary) who is being coerced into getting married. The wedding does not actually happen because of the dowry falling short. Vaidehi tries to run away but Raju finds her. Somehow she finds her way to Raju?s village and ends up in the care of Purushottam (Tinu Anand).

Working in his company is Janki (Madhuri Dixit), a dazzling actress and dancer. She is about to get married to Manish (Sammer Soni), as she is pregnant with his child. Purushottam has a problem with their relationship and breaks them up. Vaidehi and Janki decide to solve their problems by drinking. One day Purushottam beats up Janki badly and also finds out about Raghu through an ad he saw in the newspapers and gets in contact with him. Purushottam?s wife helps her escape when Raghu comes after her. On her train journey to nowhere in particular, she comes across thieves and ends up in a small village where she meets Ramdulari (Rekha). Ramdulari is a feminist and her goal is to change women?s role in society.

As in every village, this village has its own villans; Gajendra Babu (Danny Dengzonpa) and Mahendra Babu (Gulshan Grover). They are bent on controlling the village. The story goes on as Ramdulari?s son and Gajendra?s daughter fall in love with each other and run away with Vaidehi, and Gajendra Babu ends up killing Ramdulari. Now the fugitives are helped out by Bulwa (Ajay Devgan), a dacoit who is against Gajendra Babu and ends up killing his brother. The ending is as dramatic as it is suspenseful

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