Lamhe - 1991


Being one of Yash Raj's boldest love stories, Lamhe spans across generations and speaks about love that goes beyond age and time. A young boy named Virendra Pratap Singh aka Viren (Anil Kapoor) who only has his governess Dai Jaan (Waheeda Rehman) as his family falls in love with Pallavi (Sridevi) who is much older to him, during his trip to his village in Rajasthan. However, before expressing his feelings, Pallavi who loses her father in a heart attack gets married to the love of her life, Siddharth, an army officer.

However as they continue to live their happy life, the two are killed in an accident, leaving behind their child Pooja who is later adopted by Viren. While he leaves Pooja under the care of Dai Jaan and shifts to London, she grows up to be imagining Viren as her idol only to later fall in love with him. Despite the wide age gap, Pooja expresses her love for Viren, but he has his own inhibitions about accepting the love of this young girl.

Cast & Crew

Yash Chopra
Yash Chopra, Rajesh Bhatia
Honey Irani
Shiv Hari
Anand Bakshi

Lamhe Movie - Songs

Yaad Nahin Bhool Gaya

Kabhi Main Kahoon

Mohe Chhedo Na

Megha Re Megha

Gudiya Rani

Chudiyan Khanak Gayeen

Yeh Lamhe Yeh Pal


Meri Bindiya

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