Lekin - 1991


The movie takes place in the Indian desert state of Rajasthan, which gives it something in common with Rudaali, another off-beat drama set in Rajasthan that was released around the same time and also featured Dimple Kapadia and Amjad Khan.

The plot centrs around a government employee, Sameer Niyogi (Vinod Khanna), who is sent to Rajasthan to take inventory of items in the abandoned haveli (mansion) of the long-deceased Maharaja Param Singh (Vijayendra Ghatge). When he arrives in Rajasthan, he meets his old friend Shafi (Amjad Khan) who is a tax collector in the area and lives with his wife Sharda (Beena Banerjee).

Sameer begins seeing what he thinks could very well be visions of another time and place, visions that he is shown by a beautiful woman he encounters by the name of Reva (Dimple Kapadia). But is Reva real or just a figment of Sameer's imagination? The drama that unfolds catapults Sameer into a different time and place and shakes his own personal foundation of reality, even as Shafi and his wife fear that their old friend may be losing his mind. In addition to the excellent performances and overall haunting quality of the cinematography, the plot twists and guest appearance of Hema Malini add to the film's charms.

Also, as much as Sameer, Reva and Shafi, the desert of Rajasthan itself is a character in this film. Rolling sand dunes and long-deserted havelis create a sense of mystery and wonder, the stuff of dreams (or nightmares). Old commitments call across distances of not only places but also time and birth even, Lekin is such a saga.(wikipedia)

Cast & Crew

Kailash Advani, Gulzar
Nitish Roy, Hridayanath Mangeshkar, Lata Mangeshkar
Hridayanath Mangeshkar

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