Love At Times Square - 2003


Sweety (Heene) is the daughter of a billionaire Indian (Dev Anand). The girl's father organizes a musical concert at Times Square where she comes across two young boys: Raj (Shoeb Khan) and Bobby (Chaitanya Chaudhary). Raj is a computer engineer and works in the Silicon Valley whereas Bobby, who is a middle class person, has come to the US in order to earn a bright future. Sweety (Heene) is pursuing her studies in Mass Communication in the US. Both the boys fall in love with the same girl (Sweety).

Sweety drives from New York City to San Jose with Raj to meet her father and on the way, Raj falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Bobby starts work under her father, also in love with Sweety. Both men propose marriage to her but Sweety declines, unsure about love.

Eventually, she falls in love with Bobby after he saves her from a bad guy Ashish Vidyarthi. On New Year's Eve, one year after their initial meeting, Sweety chooses Bobby and the two get engaged.

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