Love Day - 2016


Sandy (Sahil Anand) and Harry (Harsh Nagar) are childhood friends whose golden days are ruined or made special, depending on how you see it, when Monty (Ajaz Khan) becomes their friend. He fills their simple lives with a host of vices. Their parents want them to stay away from Monty, but the duo are unable to do so. Whenever Monty comes in frame, trouble is not far away. Finally, Monty disappears for five long years, and Sandy and Harry go on to become major losers. Sandy is madly in love with an aspiring actress Saheba (Shaloo Singh), while Harry is an unemployed husband who robs change from his wife’s purse.

Tired of being unemployed, Sandy and Harry now want to make a film on their ‘remarkable’ life, but don’t have any money. In jumps Monty with a scheme to make crores and finance the flick. And so, Sandy, Harry, Saheba and Monty along with his father in-law (the wife is absent) take a road trip to Himachal to enable the scheme.

Ajaz Khan’s character is supposed to be a sweet rogue, but the over-the-top acting he indulges in has him come across as irritating, not endearing. Given the name of the film, the humour is expected to be lowbrow, but it just hits an all-time low instead. Typical Ajaz Khan dialogues are all there, but you’ve heard them all by now; so no point. Sahil Anand of Roadies fame is better as the narrator and Harsh Nagar’s baby faced husband act gets a few chuckles. Shaloo Singh smiles more than she acts, and her role is confined to being the proverbial pretty face. The climax is a let-down, as the makers try and use a lot of twists in a single story and go for a serious overkill.

Cast & Crew

Sagar Sarkar, Raina Sawan, Sumesh Himanshu, Vishnu Narayan
Baldev Singh Bedi
Sagar Sarkar, Raina Sawan, Sumesh Himanshu, Vishnu Narayan

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