Luckhnowi Ishq - 2015


Prem (Adhyayan Suman) a medical student of Lucknow attend a baraat of his friend's wedding and falls in love with Sunaina (Karishma Kotak). It is love at first sight and Prem wants to marry Sunaina, he even fights her brother Krishna who shares a close bond with his sister Sunaina. Prem swears to marry Sunaina in the next 10 days and does marry her. Prem is depressed and is not able to concentrate on work when Prof. KK (Sharad Saxena) scolds him and later consoles him and asks him to focus on his studies since he is a very bright student and the prof. wants him to top the MBBS exams. At Sunaina?s home every one is very upset and Sunaina decides that she would find Prem and bring him to justice and stop the entire families suffering. She swears that she would only come back once she finds Prem. KK Playing Love guru which gives the movie a pleasant feel.

Cast & Crew

Aanand Raut
Vijay Mishra
Usha Singh
Raaj Aashoo
Neeraj Gupta, Shakeel Azmi, Sudhakar Sharma, Kumaar

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Luckhnowi Ishq

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