Madmast Barkhaa - 2015


The story revolves around Leena Kapoor (Barkhaa), who is married to an army man named Ranbir. Due to certain circumstances, Ranbir goes away from Barkhaa's life, thus, leaving her all alone. Due to her lonely and passionless married life, she starts having an affair with Ranbir's friend Aakash. There is a twist in the story when Neetu (Barkhaa's sister in law) discovers about Barkhaa's affair with Aakash in Ranbir's absence.

There's a further twist in the tale when Ranbir comes home alive and sees Aakash and Barkhaa together. On being asked by Ranbir, Barkhaa chooses to stay with Aakash. Suspense builds up when Barkhaa's dead body is found in a swimming pool and Aakash accuses Ranbir of having murdered Barkhaa,which Ranbir totally denies.

Cast & Crew

Jaspal Singh
Sandeep Rale
Raj Verma
Raj Verma, Sandeep Rale

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