Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara - 2005


What happens to a household that has a senior citizen clutching on to the memories of the past and recollecting events that have been buried long ago?

What happens to a man who forgets all about the present only to live a guilt ridden life, or whatever little remains out of that life?

What happens to a daughter who cares for her father and is desperate to get to the root cause of his miserable state?

What happens to all us Indians who have long forgotten about the Father Of The Nation, Gandhiji, and now have to be reminded about the very existence of the GREAT MAN who breathed his last more than half a century back?

Answers to all these burning questions should be answered on 30th September on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti when the movie 'Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara' gets a worldwide release.

In a season of a romantic musical [Salaam Namaste] succeeding as much as a hardcore actioner [Dus] or a rib tickling comedy [No Entry] or a movie revolving around triumph of human spirit [Iqbal], it is indeed a welcome addition to watch a movie that goes deep into human brain. Human brain that has a lot of potential and can throw up surprises catching you completely unaware.

A human brain that could make your life.........or completely destroy it!

Professor Uttam Chaudhary [Anupam Kher] is a retired man troubled with the games his mind plays with him. He is at that stage of his life when the instances from the present vanish away in moments while the memories of the past strike back with strengthened venom on a continuous basis. He is a man who has a problem dealing with his life because of a memory of his childhood. A memory that has never allowed him to lead a peaceful life. A memory that haunts him day in and night out in every breath of his.

A memory that tells him that he was once accused of murdering Gandhi !!!

As a result of this, Professor Chaudhary doesn't find peace anywhere. He finds himself accused, taunted, threatened at every nook and corner, be it a busy street or the deepest corner in his house. Such is the extent of his trauma that even his house starts seeming to him as a jail while his family appears to him as his captors.

But there is one family member who can't see her father suffering in the final moments of his life. She is Professor's daughter [Urmila Matondkar], who goes all out to get her father out of this whirlpool of thoughts, memories and mental imbalance. Because she has faith in herself and knows that every problem should find a solution. So what if it deals with human brain, a terrain that still has a lot of mystery surrounding it!

It's her strong will and determination to relieve her father of his illness that makes Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara an engaging ride!

In addition to understanding the human psyche, MGKNH also coveys a strong message about the existence and relevance of Gandhiji in the present day India. Have we all forgotten him or is he still alive within us. In a way when the character of Anupam Kher says 'Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara', a parallel message conveyed is that the great man is still alive.

He is not dead!

Made at a very modest budget, MGKNM is produced by Anupam Kher, distributed by Yashraj Films, directed by nine-time national award winner Jahnu Barua, has screenplay by Sanjay Chouhan, cinematography by Raaj A. Chakravarti and theme music by Bappi Lahiri. In addition to Anupam Kher and Urmila Matondkar, the movie also stars Parvin Dabas, Rajit Kapur, Boman Irani, Sudhir Joshi, Raju Kher, Vishwaas Paandya, Prem Chopra and Waheeda Rehman.

As per Anupam Kher, "MGKNM is a movie that will raise very pertinent questions about how we have (or have not) inherited the legacy left by the great father of our nation."

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