Malamaal Weekly - 2006


Malaamal Weekly is the story of Leelaram (Paresh) a lottery ticket vendor in a small town. He is the only literate person in the town, which means he can speak a bit of English.

The illiterate, famine-stricken peasants keep buying lottery tickets in the hope that someday their fortunes will change.

One day, Leelaram learns that from 105 lottery tickets sold from his shop, one of the villagers has won the lottery.

To find out who it is, he throws a party at home, where you have to flash your lottery ticket at the entrance like an invite.

At Leelaram's party, 104 people turn up. He tallies up the numbers and realises the missing man -- a certain Anthony -- is the winner.

He heads to Anthony's house and finds him dead in front of the television set. Apparently, the news of winning the lottery overwhelmed Anthony, and he suffered a heart attack.

Leelaram eagerly grabs the winning ticket from his lifeless hands, and the story goes into comedic overdrive.

Cast & Crew

Percept Picture Company
Uttank Vora
Nitin Raikwar, Nawab Arzoo, Chaya Vora

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