Mard Ki Zabaan - 1987


Ram Chauhan makes a living as a farmer and lives with his brother, Lakshman. He falls in love with wealthy Lakshmi Sahay, much to the chagrin of her dad, Raghupathi, who breaks off all relations with her. His anger does not subside even when Lakshmi gives birth to a son, Vijay.

When Raghupathi announces that his sole beneficiary is going to be Shrinath, Lakshman opposes this action, is assaulted, and eventually Ram ends up getting killed, Lakshmi get separated from Vijay, who ends up being adopted by a man named Bannerjee, who renames him Rajesh. An angered Lakshman goes to avenge his brother?s death, kills some of Shrinath?s goons, is arrested and sentenced to several years in prison.

Years later, while still in prison, his friend, Govind, informs him that Raghupathi has been conned by Shrinath and his son, Monty, and they have hired an impersonator, who has killed Raghupathi and taken over the estate.


Cast & Crew

K Bapaiah
Anil Rathi

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