Meeradha - 2016


A journey of three best friends that spans through years as they experience love, heartbreak, death and loss, Meeradha revolves around Krishna, Radha and Meera.
A love story blossoms between childhood friends Krishna and Radha. However, Meera too has feelings for her friend Krishna but her love story remains unrequited as Krishna and Radha tie the knot despite the latter's father's resistance. A minor setback leads to their separation, followed by Radha's father death. However, soon after, Krishna and Radha reunite and the couple have a daughter. On the other hand, a college friend of the trio, Lakshya decides to persuade Meera, a professor in a school, to pass a tender but her refusal leads to an upset Lakshya taking measures as drastic as plotting her murder. On the other hand, Meera and Krishna once again cross paths as he arrives in her school for his daughter's admission.

Cast & Crew

Aashish Sinha
Surya Prakash Jethlia
Surya Prakash Jethlia

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