Mere Jeevan Saathi - 2006


Natasha and Vicky were classmates in college. Natasha had then developed linking for him and stealthily loved him. After a lapse of time, destiny brought them together again. She is now in commanding position and does not want to lose him at any cost. He is her valued possession.

Vicky(Akshay Kumar) is a budding pop singer lunaticly in love with Anjali (Amisha Patel) -source of inspiration to him. She lives in his thoughts, vision, and throbs his talents to immense heights.Morani and Torani, a local music company owner are inspired with his voice and engage him for their company. Another Canada based Music Company Angel International Music extends offer to Vicky for musical stage shows in Canada on lucrative and handsome terms which he gladly accepts and returns the advance paid to him by Morani and Torani. The Morani and Torani now want to destroy him and plan to destroy him physically. But instead Anjali falls a prey to their attack and is injured and confined to bed. Vicky is in adetermination of leaveing Anjali in lurch and join the Angel International Music Company as required but at the same time he has to honor his commitments. Anjali persuades him to proceed to States for his musical shows. Reluctantly and under her pressure he leaves for Canada.

In Canada he meets Natasha (Karisma Kapoor), the proprietress of Anjali International Music Company. She extends and renders all help and assistance to Vicky for his shows. Vicky successfully earns name and fame and is recognized and acknowledged as most successful pop singer of the century and draws inspiration from Anjali even in her absence. Physically she is not with him but she is always there to inspire him.

Success binds Natasha and Vicky together and this leads to their physical intimacy. Vicky feels guilty and realizes that he has betrayed his friend Anjali and relents and repents but to no avail as he stands committed to Natasha for his success and popularity.

Vicky is cornered and stands disillusioned between his love for Anjali and allegiance to Natasha.

Cast & Crew

Suneel Darshan
Suneel Darshan, M Riaz, Suraj Prakash
Nadeem Saifee, Shravan Kumar Rathod

Mere Jeevan Saathi Movie - Songs

Tumko Dulhan Banayenge

Tum Bin Na Hum Jee Sakenge

Deewani Deewani

Mere Jeevan Saathi

Har Taraf Aapki Tasveer Hai

Ek Masoom Sa

Mashooqa Mashooqa

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