Meri Padosan - 2009


Some people are completely clueless about screen writing. There has to be a start, a middle and an end in every film. MERI PADOSAN has a start, but the middle and the end are so amateurish that you wonder how films like this are envisioned in the first place.

The concept - a reality show - has taken Indian television by storm. Director Prakash Saini and writer Taarun Takshaay could've come up with a hilarious fare, but what comes across is so boring and tedious that you actually want to make a hasty exit from the auditorium.

Viju [Sanjay Mishra] is a clerk, while Kavita [Saadhika Randhawa] is a doting housewife. Everything is fine till a struggling director Shyam Gopal Verma [Sarwar Ahuja] comes to stay with two friends Prem [Snehal Dabhi] and Aslam [Khyali] in the neighbourhood.

Shyam gets to know that Live India channel has invited film-makers to make a short film. Now Shyam starts thinking of the concept he should submit to emerge a winner. He watches Kavita waiting for Viju and decides to film their romance discreetly.

Forget laughing, one doesn't even smile in most parts of this film. The jokes are non-appealing and at times, crass. The culmination to the tale is equally confusing. Music is dull.

Barring Sanjay Mishra and to an extent Sarwar Ahuja, the performances are lackluster. Snehal Dabhi is getting typecast. Khyali is a bad actor. Saadhika Randhawa doesn't work. Heena Tasleem has nothing to do. Mushtaq Khan is okay.

On the whole, this padosan is just not welcome!

Cast & Crew

Prakash Saini
Ashok Bagla
Ravi Meet, Manoj Negi
Rishi Azad, Jai Salwan

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