Mohabbat Ke Dushman - 1988


Circa 18th century India, the beauty of Shamajaan is widely known all over the region. This gets the interest of notorious Shahbaaz Khan, who decides to make her one more wife in his harem. He goes to her residence to woo her, but she indicates her unwillingness. Shahbaaz abducts her, killing her dad in the process, and takes him to his palace.

Shamajaan manages to escape, and ends up at the palace of Ahmed Khan, where she is received and treated with respect, and is assured that Shahbaaz will not dare to attack anyone in the protection of Ahmed. Frustrated, Shahbaaz circulates that Shamajaan is one of his concubines, and when word of this gets to Ahmed's palace, the family has no choice except to turn Shamajaan out, and again at the mercy of Shahbaaz Khan. (IMDB)

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