Mohandas - A man lost in his own nation - 2009


Oriental Coal Mines in Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh, is a strange place. It a happy day when Mohan Das applied for a job there and was selected. Then things started going seriously wrong.

One day Meghna Sengupta, a correspondent working at a news channel in New Delhi, receives a videotape from remote anippur. On the tape there is a battering man claiming to be Mohan Das and alleging that someone else has stolen his identity. Intrigued by the strange tape, Meghna decides to investigate.

What she unearths is a harrowing and surreal tale. And as it unravels, we see the tapestry of contemporary Indian society unfold with all its bizarre ills and contradictions. Mohan Das always stood out because of his brightness. Much was expected of him as he grew up. And he too expected to reach somewhere. But then the madness of real life catches up with him and leaves him nowhere. Meghna comes forward and pieces together the entire sordid story of his youth.

Harshavardhan, a lawyer from the district, takes the matter the court. With more maddening result. What will be the fate of Mohan Das trapped in this strange world? With irony and satire running as undercurrents, the film explores the absurd level to which democratic institutions can be stretched in our country today. As Meghna says, 'the fake lives as real and the real? ?the real does not even exist.'

Cast & Crew

Mazhar Kamran
Abha Sonakia
Vivek Priyadarshan
VK Sonakia, Yash Malviya

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