Monica - 2011


Lucknow?the city where she lived and returned to die. Very early in her life, Monica had learnt that there are only two categories of people the exploiter and the exploited.

But Monica was not ready to toc the line. She was prepared to barter.

She married Raj Jaitley for love. She cajoled Aseem Ray for position and she seduced Pamela Garewal for power and she surrendered to Chandrakant Pandit for all this and more.

But she forgot, that the game she had begun often player out of player, Sandeep Mishra got her killed when everybody else was done with her.

Ambition is often seen as a boon in men, but in a woman? It's a bane. Justified?

Did Monica get what she deserved or was she short changed? Its surely a matter of debate, but one thing is clear, Monica and the likes of her are here to stay and unfortunately get killed!!

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