My Fathers Daughter - 2002


My Father?s Daughter is the story of one such family that moves from Delhi to Dallas and the adjustments they endure as a result of their changing environment. The story explores many facets of family dynamics. Kantiram (played by Nishendu Vasavada), the "head of the family", is a doting yet controlling father while Shanta (Suraiya Hyder), his wife, is a practical and open-minded mother that acclimates to the USA much better than Kantiram. Rohit (Abhay Dhir), their son, is at an experimental and carefree stage in his life, until a traumatic event makes him question his significance in the family. However, the story revolves around the central character Tara (Parul Bhatia), Kantiram and Shanta's daughter. Through her affectionate and compassionate nature, Tara tries to relate to her father's struggles in finding his identity in a new culture and a family environment with new dynamics. Tara, although very independent in her beliefs realizes that the assertion of these beliefs would only weaken the already emotionally unstable condition of her father. Rather than exercise her independence or criticize her father?s actions, Tara tries to relate to her father?s suffering by silently empathizing with him.
Having come from a patriarchal society, Kantiram feels the pressure of providing for his family and when he is unable to do so, the dejection and lack of respect from his wife lead him to alcoholism. Tara feels that it is the loving relationship with his wife that her father misses the most. Being sensitive to his needs Tara urges her mother to be less critical and more loving towards her husband. In the process of trying to be a buffer between her parents, Tara feels the psychological scars caused by the atmosphere at home. During this period Tara gets closer to her friend, Kathy, who being from an American culture, does not appreciate Tara not being more upfront with her father. Nonetheless Kathy provides Tara with a strong and reliable support system. Through Kathy, Tara meets Jai and both Tara and Jai, feel a mutual attraction for each other. Jai shows his support for Tara at each testing stage in Tara's life, as a silent friend much in the same way as Tara's relationship with her father. Although Tara feels her love for Jai growing, she suppresses her desire to immediately develop a relationship with Jai because of the constant turmoil between her parents at home.
What follows are the incidents in the lives of the family members that cause them to gain more cohesion as a family and accept the realities of life. Aspects of My Father?s Daughter have been inspired by a true story that occurred in Dallas some time ago. My Father's Daughter is about providing unconditional love, understanding and support for a person, regardless of age, culture, religion, nationality or relationship. The movie shows us the fickle nature of our destinies because of which life can never be taken for granted. It is a story about relationships and its changing parameters in changing is a story that unfurls a world of bonds ... psychological, emotional, and physical, in a familial as well as a social context.

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