Namaste England - 2018


NAMASTE ENGLAND is the story of a couple torn between love and their dreams. Param (Arjun Kapoor) and Jasmeet (Parineeti Chopra) reside in a tiny village in Punjab. Both fall for each other. Meanwhile, Jasmeet, who's interested in jewellery designing, gets a job in Amritsar. She has to work there for three days a week. Jasmeet's grandfather (Shivendra Mahal) is strictly against women working.

So Jasmeet hides this bit from him but one day the truth comes out. Param at this point asks Jasmeet to get married to him and asserts that she can work then without any problem. Param's family visits Jasmeet's house to ask her hand in marriage. Jasmeet's grandfather agrees but he has a condition – Jasmeet should not work once she ties the knot. Both ultimately get married and a year later, Jasmeet meets her friend Harpreet (Mallika Dua).

She lives in UK with her husband and is very happy and settled. Seeing her, Jasmeet gets a desire to leave India and settle in England so that she can work there and have an independent life. Param is even ready to move there with her and his father also has no issue. The issue however is that Param can't go out of India.

On his wedding day, Param has an altercation with his friend Gurpreet (Anjum Batra), who's well connected, and the latter vows that he'll not let Param get a visa of Europe, where the couple were planning a honeymoon. Jasmeet hence devises a plan – she'll move to UK alone at first and after securing residency, she'll be entitled to let Param enter UK. Param is fine with the arrangement.

However, Jasmeet hasn't been completely truthful to him. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

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