Namastey London - 2007


Akshay Kumar is Arjun, whose joy knows no bounds when he marries the beautiful and sophisticated Jazz. But the joy soon turns to despair when he realizes this marriage means nothing to her and she is determined to marry her British boyfriend. As a man who is forced to watch his wife romancing another, as the determined lover who will go to any lengths to make his beloved happy, Akshay?s sensitive but strong; helpless but determined Arjun will win everybody?s hearts. Will stubborn Jazz be the exception?

Katrina Kaif is Jasmeet Singh (Jazz). Born and brought up in London, you understand why she loves and wants everything that?s western, including a husband. You also understand her anger and rebellion when he father forces her to marry a stranger. But does Jazz realize the folly of her stubborn behavior? Or will she wake up too late? Only Katrina with her mix of western sensibility and eastern vulnerability could have pulled off this role of a confused girl, with her soul intact but her heart leading her astray.

Rishi Kapoor is Manmohan Singh. This ?angrezi beti ka desi baap? is horrified to discover how obsessed his only daughter is with everything western. He does what any other Indian father would do ? gets her married to a boy of his choice, without realizing the repercussions. As the loving father who will go to any lengths to safeguard his daughter?s happiness, Rishi Kapoor?s Manmohan Singh will strike a chord immediately with all those who have faced a similar situation in their lives.

Upen Patel is Imran Khan. He is a Pakistani, but born and brought up in London like Jazz. Naturally if their fathers are best friends, so are they. He completely identifies with Jazz?s obsession for everything British as he himself has a Brit girlfriend. But when push comes to shove, when his very identity and religion are at stake, he realizes how much he ha wronged by giving Jazz the wrong advice.

Javed Shaikh is Parvez Khan. This talented actor returns to his ethnic roots by playing a Pakistani taxi driver, whose best friend happens to be an Indian, Manmohan Singh. He loves his son to death but cannot accept his live in relationship with a British girl. As the anguished father of a wayward son, the pathos and dignity he brings to his role must be seen to be believed.

What happens when you transplant an English rose to a countryside in Punjab and expect her to thrive in an alien environment? The rose will either die or rebel. That?s exactly what Jazz, rather Jasmeet does when her father Manmohan Singh brings her to India and gets her married to Arjun, a rough and tough farmer who can barely speak English. But Jazz too is equally determined to marry Charlie Brown her British boyfriend. Caught in this emotional tug of war between father and daughter is poor Arjun, who is helplessly and hopelessly in love with his beautiful but unyielding wife.

In Namastey London, this emotional and dramatic tug of war will determine whether love is more about giving or taking? Whether Indian values must surrender to Western culture? Whether Jazz will win or Jasmeet!

Namastey London Movie - Songs

Chakna Chakna


Main Jahaan Rahoon

Yahi Hota Pyaar

Rafta Rafta

Aanan Faanan


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