Oldd Iss Goldd - 2007


Oldd Iss Goldd is a comedy film about the life of three old men trying to become young again.

The story starts with three old men (Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor and Asrani) who are bored in life and want to have some fun to overlook the thought that they are old. They want to live life like a 25 yr old boy and do everything he does. The story develops when these three men go on vacation to Goa without their wives and have a gala time of their life. On reaching Goa, they happen to meet a young couple (Vikram and Madhurima) in the same hotel where they stay.

As this couple calls them uncle at times, these three old men get provoked to do a complete makeover to look younger. They start dressing differently and want to live life like young people. Shakti Kapoor already has an old crush in life whom he meets through the internet and fixes a date with that lady which turns out to be a disaster. Kader Khan and Asrani on the other hand get hooked by a sexy blonde girl. They both end up dating the same girl but hide it from each other. The girl on the other hand is a crook who is playing her cards very well to get maximum money out from them.

Then a situation arrives in Vikram and Madhurima?s life. They are financially broke which leads them to ask these oldies for money in the hotel but they knowingly refuse. That is when Vikram comes up with a plan to get money out of those oldies who are throwing money on that blonde chic

Cast & Crew

Neeraj Sahai
Ashfaque Rahmaan
Ismail Darbar

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