Om Jai Jagadish - 2002


A family story of three brothers Om (Anil), Jai (Fardeen) & Jagdish (Abhishek).

Om is the eldest of all and is straightforward and idealistic. He works for a music company and has a unerring instinct for spotting talents at the most unlikely places. He is happily married to Ayesha (Mahima Choudhary) who is a hep and happening MTV veejay who transforms into the ideal wife, daughter-in-law and bhabhi.

Jai is ambitious and has a dream of creating a car that will revolutionise the automobile world. Om encourages him, and sends him abroad for further studies and even takes loan from his company for Jai's studies. Jai falls in love Neetu (Urmila), the spoilt daughter of wealthy NRI parents. He get a fabulous offer from General Motors, but rejects as he wants to comes back to his India and be with his family.

The youngest of all, Jagdish is a college student, who loves computers and enjoys hacking. He loves Pooja (Tara Sharma - the Liril girl)

The happy family of Om, is shattered suddenly, without any warning. Jagdish wants to do a course in Computers to sharpen his skills. But as Om rejects it as he already is in debt for loans taken for Jai's education. This hurts Jagdish and feels that Om is biased and favours Jai more than him.

Om has high hopes on Jai, but not for long, till he hears that about Jai's decision to return home. To add to misery, Jagdish too lands himself in trouble. In one day, Om loses what he loves most in the world - his brothers, his home, his job.

Three brothers , three different ways.

Om Jai Jagdish is a story about the powerful bonds of love that no force on earth can tear apart.. but above all it is a a prayer - a prayer for togetherness.

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