Once Upon a Time in Bihar - 2015


Throwing light on the deep rooted crime and naxalism that exists in Bihar, the film traces the journey of three common men who are forced to turn professional criminals.

Rajiv, Shankar and Jeans aka Javed are victim of circumstances and find themselves in desperate need of money. Rajiv fails to clear the UPSC exam and his savings too are robbed. He requires a huge sum to get his sister married. On the other, Sankar Pandey wishes to work in a government job but the only way he can fulfill the wish is by bribing them. Javed aspires to be a film star and when he is thrown out of his job, he too falls prey to financial crisis. Finding themselves helpless, they decide to take up kidnapping as a profession in order to turn wealthy. And their life takes a new turn when they come across a naxal Leader.

Cast & Crew

Nitin Chandra
Neetu Chandra
Nitin Chandra
Ashutosh Singh
Alok Shankar

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