Phir Milenge - 2004


Life could not be more hunky dory for Tamanna, a buoyant girl with a promising career in advertising. Her little world comprises of her office and her home where she is like a guardian to her younger sister Tanya, who works as a Radio Jockey.

At a reunion party of her school, Tamanna meets the person she once had a crush on ? Rohit (Salman), who was the best guitarist in the school at that time. Rohit and Tamanna spend some time together and are inevitably drawn towards each other. The rush of intimacy between the two is so strong that they forget the limits and make love without thinking about the consequences.

They separate with the promise to meet again. And for some time, things begin to look normal once again for Tamanna.

But her perfect world begins to crumble after she is diagnosed with an AIDS virus. She is shunned by her colleagues at work and then is fired from the company. She decides to fight her case in the court of law.

Spitfire lawyer Tarun (Abhishek) comes to her rescue. This is not just another case for him. He completely identifies with the cause Tamanna is fighting for. At the same time, he begins to feel for Tamanna in a special way. No name could be given to their relationship. Call it a bond of ?humane and like-minded people?.

While Tamanna is fighting with the deadly disease, several questions about Rohit haunt her. She wants to get in touch with him to find the answers. Little does she know that Rohit is battling a no less battle than her.

Cast & Crew

Percept Picture Company
Atul Sabharwal

Phir Milenge Movie - Songs

Jeene Ke Ishaare - Song

Betab Dil Hai - Song

Yaad Hai Woh Pehli Mulaqat - Song

Khul ke Muskurale - Song

Betab Dil Hai - Song

Khushiyon Ki Koshish - Song

Kuchh Pal - Song

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