Phullu - 2017


PHULLU is a social drama about a man who cares, cares enough to make sanitary pads for the women in his village, and beyond, at affordable prices.

The film is about an uneducated man they call Phullu, who leads a nondescript life in a small town. His only claim to fame is the fact that he travels to the city for the villager to get things from the city. Eventually, he learns about sanitary napkins through one of his visits. Learning about it, he decides he wants to provide the same for his wife and other ladies at an affordable price…. Thus begins his journey from the village idiot to the renaissance man.

Cast & Crew

Vickky Agarwal, Troy Arif
Pusha Chaudhary, Anmol Kapoor, Kshitij Chaudhary, Raman Kapoor
Vickky Agarwal, Troy Arif
Shaheen Iqbal, Raghav Dutt

Phullu Movie - Songs

Bhunoor Bhunoor

Chukar Tujhe


Tattai Tattai

Ullu Ka Pattha Video Song

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