Plan - 2004


There is Bobby (Dino Morea) who dreams of becoming a superstar in Bollywood. There is Jai (Bikram Saluja) who is going to search his lost lover. There is ?cool dude? Lucky (Sanjay Suri) who wants to try his luck at gambling. And there is Omi (Rohit Roy) who wants to settle an old score with the man who cheated his father.

The four set about their tasks with hope

and jubilance. But soon they run out of money and have to resort to desperate means to sustain themselves in the city.

As a last resort they chum up all their little leftovers and lay it on line on Lucky?s gambling skills. To their shock, luck doesn?t favor Lucky and he loses, leaving all of them in debts.

In a desperate bid to save their lives from debtors, the four hatch up a plan to kidnap a man who had caught their eye in a dance bar. They had seen the man squandering loads of money like peanuts. The four are sure that he would turn out to be a prize catch.

But it turns out to be a surprise catch when the boys find out that the man they have kidnapped is none other than the notorious Mumbai underworld don Musabhai (Sanjay Dutt).

However, the boys? blunder turns out to be blessing in disguise when Musabhai discovers that by kidnapping him the four had eventually saved his life from his friend-turned-foe Sultan (Mahesh Manjrekar).

Cast & Crew

Hriday Shetty
White Feather Films
Anand Raj Anand, Vishal Shekhar
Dev Kohli

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