Pranali - 2008


This is the story of a girl born in a small village on the border of Karnataka & Maharashtra. A girl, whose childhood is yet untouched and full of pure innocence but she still falls prey to one of the unconventional and downtrodden systems of our society; a stigma of being a 'Devdasi'.

Gradually, as time passes by, she inadvertently becomes an object of desire - The one with whom the so-called highly respected and well-known people of the society could suffice their hunger for lust.

One day, her destiny takes a much-awaited turn, when she decides to give birth to a new life, which in turn gives her hope and adds zest to her life. This further redefines her morbid life with a new meaning, liberating her off all the shackles. She commits herself that she will fight all odds to educate her child and do everything possible that could make way for her child to lead a normal and best life. But the very fact, was not so easy to digest for the respectable people that a sex worker's child will be given an equivalent standard of education as being received by the children of the well-to-do people of the society.

As it is said, every black cloud has a silver lining, the same way, Vijay, an NRI, was the man, who came as a ray of hope and brightened the life of Pranali .One who empathized with her dilemma. Vijay not only wrote a book on Pranali's struggle for survival but also brought to light the problems she faced in upbringing her child and gave her a normal life in this inhumane and hostile society.

As the book was published, the forbidden truths about the society's so-called well-known people were unveiled. When he got a Royalty for the book, he started a small business and through this he brought the lives of other helpless sex workers back on track - who were waiting desperately for a reformation which could change their lives for better.

PRANALI - The Tradition is a never ending story of a Devdasi girl , whose innocent childhood was hampered and charred in the horrendous and evil fire of our society leading her to live an atrocious life of a 'Devdasi'. The dark facts of Pranali's life unveil the forbidden truths of the well-known people in the society. It also talks about the intolerance of idea that by education, a sex worker's child can win a respectable place and live her life amiably in this society. Like a ray of hope, Vijay's presence in Pranali's life and shouldering her child's responsibility, helps to groom her and her child's life. Along with grooming her own life, Pranali molded the lives of other women and gave a new definition and direction to their otherwise meaningless lives

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