Project Marathwada - 2016


Jairush Entertainment, Wadia Productions and Eagle Eye Entertainment's Project Marathwada is a story about the sorry sight of the farmers who are debt-ridden in the villages of Maharashtra.
A 60-year old farmer named Tukaram Ingle (Om Puri), who hails from the drought-prone Marathwada region, comes to Mumbai wishing to meet the Chief Minister in order to show him the suicides notes and letters which have been written by the farmers of his village. Besides the Chief Minister, Tukaram Ingle also wishes to meet the industrialist (Dalip Tahil), who, despite acquiring the farmers' land to set up a thermal plant, had refrained from handing over any kind of money to them as compensation.
Amidst his journey, Tukaram Ingle meets four mass media students Sachin (Kunal Sheth), Krishnan (Rahul Patel), Carol (Katarina Kajkus) and Kadambari (Farah Kader), who have been assigned a project of making short film on farmers' suicides. These four students find immense inspiration in Tukaram Ingle, which they just needed to make their project.
It is during their interaction with Tukaram Ingle, they discover that the reality is more than what meets the eye. That's when they decide to whole heartedly support Tukaram Ingle in his mission to bring justice to the farmers.
Do the students and Tukaram Ingle become successful in their mission is what forms the rest of the film.

Cast & Crew

Bhavin Wadia
Prakash Pravin Patel, Jigna Prakash Patel
Bhavin Wadia

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