Pyar Diwana Hota Hai - 2002


This romance film features an age-old story of the romancer Sunder (Govinda) trying to be something that he isn?t so that he can acquire his one true love Payal (Rani Mukherji). Only this time Sunder is pretending to be a deaf person in hopes to acquire empathy from the teacher of the deaf, Payal. The film in essence is a romance story, a genre that has officially become a no-no in the industry unless directors plan to make it worth our while. Sunder is a painter who tries his best to make himself successful and make himself known, quiet at heart; he is chummy amongst his friends. His chumminess soon leaves him with a broken leg and an even more silent heart. He soon tries to make himself happier by trying to woo the teacher of the deaf Payal.

Thanks to a series of misunderstanding, those that aren?t properly rectified, Payal believes Sunder is deaf and thus takes the task of teaching him. Sunder gladly goes along since he believes that this is the only way that Payal will give him a chance. Payal fooled by his excellent acting, tries her best to help him regain his speech. Her journey through learning the truth and Sunder?s journey through finally telling her the truth describes the rest of the film. Trust me, the ending is anything but pleasingly romantic, surprising, or worth your time.

Cast & Crew

Kirti Kumar
R. B. Choudry
S.M. Ahale
Uttam Singh
Anand Bakshi

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