Pyari Behna - 1985


Kaali and his sister Seeta lives in a shanty house. He assists the Engineer Vinay. Mangla, Seeta's friend falls in love with Kali and they gets married much to the delight of his sister.

Now Kali meets with an accident and looses his left hand. He blames Vinay for the accident.

Now Vinay falls in love with Kaali's sister Seeta but Kaali is against their relationship.

Will the true love triumphs forms the climax?

Cast & Crew

Bapu, Basu Chatterjee
B Loganathan
Bappi Lahiri

Pyari Behna Movie - Songs

Haath Mere Jalgaye - Song

Bahon mei hain jabthakh dum - Song

Raakhi Ke Din - Song

Main Tera Bhai Bhi - Song

Shaadi Ka Matlab - Song

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