Rab Dian Rakhan - 1996


A Sikh by religion, Chandigarh-based Jaswant Singh, invites his father?s wrath when he marries a Christian, Rita, and is asked to leave. Subsequently, he gets into trouble and is held in jail. Rita goes to Ajit Prasad to ask for help, but is instead sexually molested. Afraid to show her face to her husband, she re-locates, and gives birth to Sanjay.

Years later Sanjay has grown up, is a post-graduate, and re-locates to Chandigarh to get employment. Rita does not know that her son will soon be beaten by Jaswant for sexually molesting a young Hindu widow, Sandhya, who beats up anyone, including elderly women; and is now on the pay-roll of Ajit.

Cast & Crew

Dara Singh
Amrik Singh Randhawa
Atul Sharma

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