Rafoo Chakkar - 2008


Love life, enjoy life and live a whole life to think of only four letters to the central Raffoo Chakkar. Pappu (Aslam Khan) and Munnu (Yudhishtir), the Prime Minister known as a very rich brothers. Ml (Nauheed Cyrusi) and Julie (Nisha Rawal), the sisters are known as the MJ of society's upper crust. All of them believe in order to fulfil their lives and enjoy not interested in marriage. But it is incredible. When they are married forced to flee their homes.

While on the run is great fun. Pappu and attracted Munnu complete the search for and received attractive and Julie did. They obviously try to persuade the girls, not to realise that they are one of the girls, with whom his father had set their marriage. Another turning point comes when the whole story in and got Julie Nightingale and Koena (the) middle-aged men and two sisters who hate not want to be married.

And take another turn fortune, the father, who want their daughters to marry, die. As he puts the situation is not clear whether they are married before they turn 45 on his property will be the trust, managed by Dilkhush (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) and Hansmukh (Shakti Kapoor)

He is only 24 am to search for the boys, get married and protect their assets will be 45 because of the very next day.

The Prime Minister, who is on the run, but is breaking the need is money to buy an expensive gift for his girls MJ. So they rob the soil from the house. These are in for a surprise. Old girls Judo / Karate master and boys red-handed grip. Sisters to arrest and finally to the wedding. All hell breaks loose.

Now with the Prime Minister's love for MJ. This was followed by a plan to assassinate Prime Minister Brothers to get rid of their old wives. Confusion that surrounded a hilarious tragedy of the whole story.

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