RakhtCharitra - 2 - 2010


The first twenty minutes show the part 1 scenes like how Prathap Ravi(Vivek Oberoi) revenge and how he came to power. As None in Andhra to stood against Ravi a man came into light by seeking revenge on Prathap. Suyra Bhanureddy (Surya Sivakumar) waiting in the road for Prathap Ravi and hurled bomb in his convoy. Unfortunately Prathap Ravi escapes from the bomb blast. Pratap ravi henchmen follows Surya to kill him but Surya escapes from them.
Surya informs to her wife that he missed the chance of killing Prathap Ravi. Meanwhile media people asks Prathap that this attempt is a revenge of surya for TV bomb placed in Surya's home. Prathap Ravi denies the charge. Shivaji Rao questioned Prathap to stop this vengance but Prathap wants to kill Surya. Prathap orders his action team to kill each and every one who is opposite to him. DCP Mohan Prasad started to investigate this case and he finds Bhavani(Priyamani) Wife of Surya and he demands Surya to surrender unless he will harm his wife and Child. Surya thinks that he misses a great chance and another chance will not come so easy and early he decides to surrender for protection and make a plot to kill Prathap Ravi. DCP Mohan Prasad decide to produce surya in court, Prathap Ravi send a henchmen to kill Surya in court itself, but surya fought against them and killed the henchmen in front of judge and blood spilled on face of judge. Surya sent to prison.
Prathap Ravi decide to kill surya inside jail so his action team decided to send some of thier henchmen to finish Surya. In prison Surya befriends Muddu krishna by revealing his flashback. After Prathap Ravi's attempt of killing Narshima reddy(kitty) Surya brother wants to revenge Ravi but Surya said him to patient and we go out of this place. Within few months Surya total family is killed in the blast. By hearing this Muddu Krishna decided to be with Surya in killing Ravi. The henchmen in prison tried to kill surya but surya assaults them back. After this failure Prathap Ravi is warned by Shivaji Rao. So Prathap Ravi decided to stop this Revenge and he meets his rivals and also surya. In jail Ravi says stop this bloodshed surya replies surely i ll stop after killing you. Prathap thought he cant do anything because he is in jail, this made him weak.

Krishnaswamy the opposite Party leader decided to meet Surya. He said that to kill Ravi you have to become a big hand in Anantpur than Ravi. He asked his wife to stand in election, Surya convinces Bhavani to stand in election. This made Ravi to fear for his life and also for his ministry post, his henchmen said to eliminate Bhavani but Nandhini(Radhika apte) says not to kill Bhavani so Ravi cancel the plan. but already one of closest of Ravi gang Umapathy is sent to kill bavani. Muddu krishna friend of Surya kills Umapathy and saves bavani. Krishnaswamy comes to prison to thank Surya and surya demands that i have to thank you so give me my Oppourtunity
Feard Prathap organised a meeting by knowing this Surya designed a plan to kill prathap. In Meeting all Leaders will participate with their bodygaurds he says to muddu krishna that dress like a bodygaurd since they cant able to identify whose bodygaurd to whom they belong. Using this ambiguity Surya henchmen can kill Ravi. Meeting came to end and Ravi wished to move. As he saw someone he got strucked. its Surya standing infront of him with his handgun. he fired till Prathap ravi dies in pool of blood. Surya's friends put teargas and creates panic and invisibility using this Surya escaped from the scene and moves to prison. Nandhini cries by hugging her dead husban Prathap Ravi.
Muddu Krishna agrees that he killed Prathap Ravi for Surya. DCP Mohan prasad comes to meet Surya in jail and Justifies why Ravi became a factionist circumstances made Ravi as a factionist. and he says Surya the same circumstances will change you(surya) to a Ravi. Surya finally says "Thank you but i wont be change as ravi". The movie ends with birth of Prathap Ravi's child. This shows atleast the factionism must end in this generation else it will be an uncontrolled chain reaction.
Message from raktha charithra is "An Eye for an Eye and Tooth for a Tooth will make this world blind"

Cast & Crew

Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma
Dharam Sandeep, Kohinoor Mukherji, Imran (1), Vikram (1), Sukhwinder Singh, Amar Desai
Roop, Shabbir Ahmed, Vayu, Abhishek Chatterjee, Sarim Momin

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