Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag - 2007


A train pulls into C.S.T. station and two young men step off. It?s their very first visit to Mumbai city. Only they are not here to visit. They have arrived with dreams of buying Mumbai out.

Poor deluded fools, you might think? but that?s only till the first time you run into them. After that, it?ll be clear enough who?s deluded and who has just been made the fool.

For this is a pair of street toughs par excellence? Jai, the younger of the two looks up to Veeru for guidance. Veeru in turn looks out for him. The pair?s loyalty to one another is absolute.

Virendra Chavan (Ajay Devgan) and Jai Ranade (Prashant Raj) grew up in Latur together, where they came to be known to their town folk as Veeru & Jai. From their early days, the young men admired success and strength and sought in every which way to emulate it.

Veeru went to work as a bodyguard for Sharad Patil, the local political heavyweight. But, when Patil went to jail in a scam, he lost his job. It was then that idea of coming to Mumbai took his fancy. As expected, his prodigy Jai tagged along.

So Mumbai it was?

Within a week of their arrival on the recommendation of an old acquaintance of theirs called Soorma (Rajpal Yadav) who runs a dance bar, they found work with Shambhul Seth, a criminal with heavy underworld connections and also high on the police scanner.

In his pursuit of Shambhul, the Inspector Ranveer (Mohanlal) came into contact with Veeru and Jai. On meeting them, he realized that these were no hardened criminals. Small time hoodlums, perhaps, but deep inside their values were still intact. He chose to appeal to the honesty in them.

He exposed them to Shambhul?s criminal past. Veeru and Jai were surprised by this. They agreed to help in whatever way they could. The inspector in the process of trying to get Shambhul got into a deadly trap and both Veeru and Jai in a show of extraordinary courage and strength managed to rescue him and managed to finish off Shambhul seth. But in the bargain, Veeru and Jai had to be arrested as well for associating with a criminal and for a while went to jail.

Much later, when the inspector needed help in his hunt for Gabbar Singh (Amitabh Bachchan), his brief impression of these two young men returned to him. Since he could not expect the police to help in a quest for personal revenge, and his principles would not allow him to turn to the underworld for help, he decided to enlist the help of Veeru and Jai.

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